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You all know most of the traditional casino card games. However, did you know that there were a whole lot of other funny card games that exist online? We are ready to bet all we have that you have never heard of the list of games we are about to propose to you! Going from funny to slightly childish and very elegant, you will definitely manage to find the game made for you. It was not an easy task to match our content with the wide range of taste of each one of our followers. However, you will notice that we have done the best we could possibly do! One thing that we guarantee is that each one of these games will put a smile on your face!


This first game comes straight out of the Masque Publishing software studios. This game is extremely popular among online gamers and hit the 2,000 bar of favorable votes by the community. Just like you need two people to tango, you will need two players to start the game. The goal of the game is to group a large amount of cards in order to gain points. As soon as you will play this online card game, you will find yourself with a countryside background, featuring a Cribbage board. You will be playing against another player online. In order to win, you will have to make winning card combinations, such as Flushes, Pairs or Runs. Throughout the game, you will be able to keep track of your scoring, as well as your opponent’s score through the Cribbage board. You will be represented by a red ball and the other player by a blue ball. We advise you not to underestimate this game. It might seem too simplistic at first, but we guarantee you that it will keep you captivated for hours! We speak from experience!

Spite and Malice

Wait, is that Tom and Jerry? Um, their ancestors maybe! To be honest, the graphics are not quite mind blowing on this game. However, when it comes down to the actual game features it is on point! Spite and Malice is an online card game by the Zygomatic software company. Although it does not enjoy the same level of popularity as Cribbage, it is still enjoyable! Some say it is a kids’ game, but aren’t we all little kids inside? So let’s bring out you inner kid mentality and your A game! Once you start the game you be dealt four cards. The rest will remain in the deck place on the left side of your screen. The goal is to move all your cards to the center. You will have to match the card put in the center by the computer in ascending order to win the game. Do not be fooled by this simple game because it could take ages to finish!

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