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Friends card games Friends card games

At a young age, we do not recognize the value of card games! Long story short, when we were living in New York and the Irene storm hit us, we did not have any bar to go to with our friends, since everything was flooded. Therefore, we had to rely on card games. We have found some pretty exciting games and there are no doubts in our mind that you will fall for them too! Staying in on a Friday night? Invite your friends over and let’s deal some cards, shall we?

Oh I Doubt It Game

This card game should be played with three to six players, holding each five to seven cards. In order to succeed, you have to keep in mind that it is the rank that matters, not the suits. The game starts by playing one card facing down of a precise rank by the most advanced player in the rank. The turns will take place clockwise, and the players will have two choices. Either they give another player the chance to use his turn, which means that they will not be playing a card, or they go with the rank taking the chance of not knowing the leading rank!

Going Boom Game

12 players at the starting line, each one of them is being given 7 cards all facing down. The remaining of the cards must be stacked in a pile in the middle of the table facing down as well! The players sitting on the dealer’s left shall start the game. The following player will have to play a card that will have to match the suit, or ask for another card until he has a matching card. Whoever obtains the highest rank will repeatedly go in front for the next round. The goal is to get rid of all your cards, and the player who does so will have to shout “BOOM”!

Spoons Game

You will need in between three to thirteen players, each provided with a spoon in order to play this game. The goal is for a player to gather four cards of the same rank. Also, the player who takes all the spoons last loses the game. All the spoons need to be put at the center of the table, while each player will be given four cards. Out of the four cards, one should be put on the left side of the player. As soon as the player sitting next to them takes their card, they will quickly have to turn their cards to match the rank. If it is, then the player will have to pick up his/her spoon in a domino effect. The last one to pick it loses, while the one with the rank wins the game.

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