The Sunday family card games

Family card games Family card games

It is Sunday night and your mother has been cooking dinner all afternoon long. The whole family met around the table for dinner, and now in order to ease the digestion process, what could be better than a Sunday funday of evening card games? Whether you are the card game type or not, we are all addicted to some family quality time! We have laid out for you the best card games options you will be able to enjoy with your family! We will introduce you to four different games, each with their own set of rules, for a night of laughs and giggles!

Crazy Eights Game

Let’s start with a kid game, because it is getting pretty late and your younger siblings will need to go to bed very soon! The Crazy Eights Game can be played with two or more players. You will have to pile up the cards, keeping in mind that the top card has to be facing down. You will then have to deal five cards to each player. The eights are jokers and can be traded for any other card. You will have to turn the top card around and start a line of suit or number that everyone will have to follow. The first to get rid of his cards wins!

Go Fish Game

The aim of the game is to get a set of four cards. In order to do so, you will have to ask other players. They will give it to you only if you have a card of the same rank. If they do not have the card you need, they will say “Go fish” and you will have to take the first four cards of the deck, having yours discredited. The player who ends up with zero cards in his hands wins!

Snap Game

For this game, the cards will need to be evenly spread among players. Each player has to pull out one card from his deck and place it at the center of the table. If you end up with having two consecutive cards that are identical be prepared to shout “SNAP”, and quickly position your hand to cover the center pile. Whichever player manages to do this fast will acquire the pile and will have to put it at the bottom of his deck. The player who obtains the whole deck is the winner of the game.

War Game

The War Game is designed for two players only. You will have to divide a single deck evenly in between the players. Each one of them will put out one card from the top of the stack. The card with the highest rank wins the round and the winner takes both cards. The game will continue until one of the players gathers all the cards.

Here are the best card games ideas ever: