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Viva Las Vegas, gamers! This time forget about the traditional casino games, and welcome some fresh entertainment! We have found two online card games that will definitely boost your adrenaline levels! They will still somehow remind you of casino games, but with a twist! You will see that you will not have any issue playing those games. We have prepared a full description of the games to help you understand them a bit better. Will you be able to recognize what casino game they resemble?


Spades is an online card game in which the Holy Grail consists in a combination of bids, bags and blinds. You will be able to play online solo or with teammate, knowing that you need four players to start the game. Spades is by far one of the best, if not the best online spades games that you can find, and we found it thanks to this site The game is full of small tricks and the main goal of the game is for each pair or partnership to take the least number of tricks they bid on before play begins. You might have already figured it out, but Spades is a descendant of the Whist family of card games. Another similar game would be the Bridge or Hearts. The major difference that is associated with this particular game is that instead of trumps being decided by the highest bidder or at random, the spade suit will always trump.

Small tips: seat positions matter, lead high non-spades early in the game and make sure to save the high spades for later, bait out the Ace of spades and in the instance that all fails you should go blind!

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is an online card game that is very well known and that you can play for free on a variety of sites. This game is sort of a modern version of the 18th century Whiskey Poker which are friends over at had to teach us. Your main objective is to score higher than your opponent. You will be dealt a total of ten cards. You will then have to form melds of three or more cards in either a run of the same suit or a group of the same value. We advise you to keep your deadwood to a minimum. Why? It will allow you to knock when those cards amount to less than 10 points. If you fancy knocking, the hand is over and you will forfeit points from your own deadwood. Also, you will be given points for any of your opponents’ deadwood. If you somehow manage to get all your cards melded, be prepared to scream “Gin”! You will signal to the other players that you have won the round without any deductions! As we all know this game is huge in Sweden and for all Swedes reading this, the site of can assist you further with more fun games.

Small tips: Always make sure to let opportunity knocks, do not ever welcome rejects and stay on the straight and narrow at all time!

Learn How to play Gin Rummy from this video.

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