Welcome to the wonderful world of Ducky Games

Duck, duck, not goose but Ducky Games ladies and gents! You all know we had to make a joke, referring to the famous kids’ game we all used to play in kindergarten! We all know that it is probably the first thing that popped into your head, the minute you noticed the name of our website! Well, since we will not be carrying on about this infamous game, you may wonder what are we actually about, correct? Let us take a look at the name of our brand: Ducky Game, it sure will be about games, but what does the “ducky” add onto the story? You recall Daffy Duck, right? Well, isn’t he a little goofy? Exactly our point, gamers! Our site will consist in providing you with different types of funny card games that you will be able to find and play online! Those games are absolutely 100% fun and some of them could even provide you with some highly needed cash!

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Who are we?

You might think that with a name like Ducky Games, we must be a bunch of old friends, who decided to launch a website to discuss our nerdy and geeky ways to have fun and make some cash. Well, to tell you guys the truth, you are not far from it! We are indeed, a group of high school friends! I know you may think: how did they manage to remain friends even after high school, college and such? Because let’s be honest, high school is usually known as the roughest part of our socialization process. Well, we simply were geeks! And as you may recall, all the geeks used to stick together! Yes, you remember us, big glasses, wide clothes, non-combed hair and big bag packs, yep! We were fascinated by card games back in the days and our common passion managed to pull us closer than ever throughout the years. Obviously, we would all agree to say that the movie Las Vegas 21, starring Kevin Spacey and the MIT Blackjack team, was basically our Bible! We swore that one day, we would launch our own company or rather a website to discuss all the amazing card games, slots and everything else we have come across. Stick with us and you will be able to access these and play our selection of free online casino games. Now that we have introduced ourselves, the time has come to introduce you guys to our products, on our 100% gaming website! We don’t have to forget to say that some of us are originally from Sweden, only one of us to be honest, Bjorn, and he has a website, really interesting you must visit, if you speak swedish of course.

If you are from further abroad and based in India, then we have the perfect guide for you here with our review of casino India online.

Games to play with friends and family

duck duck

Alright, to be totally honest, we really wanted to trade this section for a good old manifesto of drinking games involving cards, but we needed to keep it PG! After playing a lot of card games, you start to get the hang of it, and you know exactly what to look for whenever you are introduced to a new one. You can imagine that we have grown pretty critical of most games. Some people call us demanding, and we always reply that quality is a necessity! We are not amateurs anymore! Thus, we have managed to pull out a list of 18 reliable card games that you will enjoy playing amongst family and/or friends. We do not intend to keep the fun to ourselves, and that is precisely the reason why you will be provided with the entire list! We will describe each game in details from an objective point of view. We will then move on to a section where we will give you our take on the game, including pros and cons for each one of them. All of the games require cards (duh!), and some even require utensils. However, we will not say one more word on it, until you visit our page by clicking here!

Online games to play for some extra cash

You will see that playing with family and friends accounts for some fantastic quality time. However, there will always be something missing. Any idea why? Well, because money is not, and cannot be involved in those games. Can you imagine betting money while playing a card game with your dad or with your group of friends? Yes, that would be the synonym of a disaster, disownment, heartbreaks, and other atrocities! Therefore, when you will manage to find some time to yourself, you should check out our section of online card games that pay pretty well! If you have been on the internet long enough, there are no doubts in our minds that you have come across casino games! However, have you ever wandered on the funny versions of those casino games? Some of you might have, but for those who are still curious to find gems on the casino sector, this section of the site will suit you very well! We will give you another list of games to play, to put some cash into your piggy bank! We have gathered a total of seven games that you will be able to try online for free, or for some real money! If you happened to have absolutely zero background knowledge on casino card games, no worries because we will provide you with everything! You will benefit from a description of the games and their rules. Moreover, we will direct you towards secure online platforms that provide the different games!

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